My very exciting and hopefully somewhat realistic 2018 Bucket List

I had a good 2017 and accomplished a lot – here’s to a fantastic 2018! Here’s a list of everything I’d like to accomplish this year: 1. Finish the #52HikeChallenge I signed up this weekend and already accomplished two different hikes! I’ll write about them this week. I’m really excited about this challenge – I’dContinue reading “My very exciting and hopefully somewhat realistic 2018 Bucket List”

4 tips for not getting angry when you suck at snowboarding

The big lie about snowboarding is that it’s easier than skiing. There’s a steep learning curve in beginning snowboarding. Unlike yoga or weight-lifting, you can’t just change your mind and stop the pose or drop the weight. Or even if you were out for a long run, you can always walk. But with snowboarding? Nope –Continue reading “4 tips for not getting angry when you suck at snowboarding”

An ode to the ugly hike that saved my sanity

Hiking Y Mountain is a beast, but I have quite the love story with its child: the Y itself. For those of you who are unfamiliar with Utah Valley, Y mountain is right next to Brigham Young University’s campus. The giant, 788-foot Y was made over 100 years ago. The Ute name for Y Mountain used toContinue reading “An ode to the ugly hike that saved my sanity”

Falling my way through snowboarding

This weekend on amateur adventures I went snowboarding, and holy Hannah am I ever an amateur. Austin was patient enough to be my instructor, but the problem with your spouse being your instructor is that all the emotions come out. It’s not a guarantee, but I’m pretty sure I wouldn’t cry at my instructor. TheContinue reading “Falling my way through snowboarding”

Hiking the Fife Coastal Path, part 3

Day 3 – Sunday, 21 miles We had to crank out more miles today, but we were FEELIN’ IT after a crappy night of sleep. We walked through a couple of seaside towns first, enjoying the views. Utah has a lot of seagulls too – I understood why they hate feeding the gulls. Seagulls areContinue reading “Hiking the Fife Coastal Path, part 3”

Hiking the Fife Coastal Path, part 2

Day 2 – Saturday, 15 miles, probably On this day we headed from Buckhaven to St. Monans, scrambling over rocks and walking along the beach and trekking through towns. The difference between the Fife Coastal Path and the West Highland Way was how many towns we went through. There were seaside towns EVERYWHERE. This wasContinue reading “Hiking the Fife Coastal Path, part 2”

Hiking the Fife Coastal Path, part 1

Day 1 – Friday, 14 miles We came here to escape the midges. Look to the far right of that map. Isn’t it beautiful? All those 1’s. Best of all – no midges. We’d experienced enough midges from the West Highland Way and Skye. As far as I was concerned, I’d had enough bug bitesContinue reading “Hiking the Fife Coastal Path, part 1”

Camping on the Isle of Skye

After our experience hiking the West Highland Way, we wanted to go see the Isle of Skye (or, as we couldn’t resist, the “Isle of Skyle”), so we took a bus up to Portree, the largest city in Skye. Its population is 2,491. Because we were mostly winging this trip (something I do not recommendContinue reading “Camping on the Isle of Skye”