Falling my way through snowboarding

This weekend on amateur adventures I went snowboarding, and holy Hannah am I ever an amateur. Austin was patient enough to be my instructor, but the problem with your spouse being your instructor is that all the emotions come out. It’s not a guarantee, but I’m pretty sure I wouldn’t cry at my instructor.

This was taken last year but my position is still roughly the same

The snow was not great. Winter has been taking climate change too long to really come climate change and we’ve had such on and off weather climate change that the resort looked pretty bare. The only snow that existed was the man-made snow on the two open runs, and there were some icy patches along the way.


It was extremely windy. The chairlift rocked precariously and shook violently as we were about to get off. I gracefully fell after we got off and then hobbled over to a bench to strap myself in. When I got up, the wind blew me up, up into the air and I landed gracefully at the bottom of the mountain.

Just kidding – I still had to get down the mountain. So I got up and..fell down again. And so I got up and started cruising down again, and then fell over again. It was like this for all of the time down the mountain. Snowboarding is already terrifying – the wind only makes it harder to maintain control. As I mentioned before, I cried a lot – there was much weeping and wailing and gnashing of teeth, and I wasn’t even halfway done.

We went home after one run. I felt like such a failure. But kind of like running or hiking, I also desperately want to go again and avenge myself on that mountain. Looks like I’ve got plans for Saturday.

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2 thoughts on “Falling my way through snowboarding

  1. Haha this sounds like what it would be like if I went snowboarding! I’m a mess on cross country skis and can’t imagine going downhill on a snowboard. Props to you for trying!


    1. It’s terrifying for sure! I’ve only done this a handful of times in the past few years and we’re determined to make the most of this coming season since we dropped quite a bit of cash on it. I’d really like to become good enough where it becomes more fun and less agonizing – but I thought I’d write about my failures nonetheless!


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