Picture of me, smiling, looking utterly fabulous

Hi, I’m Liesl.

(It’s pronounced “lee-zul.”)

If you’re looking for a content marketer and copywriter who knows their way around a search engine and can provide research-based content, I’ve got you.

Here’s how I can help you:

  • Breaking down complicated technical topics into everyday language
  • My marketing emails are fun, snazzy, and easy to open
  • I learn—and write—FAST
  • Researching reliable sources and fact-check to make your content as accurate as possible

But hey! Don’t take MY word for it.

Check out my portfolio and if you have a project in mind, let’s talk.


Let Me Help You With Content


  • Landing pages! About pages! Sales pages! Product pages!
  • So, so many emails
  • Blogs, too? You betcha!


  • Make it MAKE SENSE
  • Eliminate typos
  • Get the facts right
  • Refresh old content


  • Solidify your brand message
  • Know what to say every time
  • See what your competitors do and how you can do better