Hiking the Fife Coastal Path, part 3

Day 3 – Sunday, 21 miles

We had to crank out more miles today, but we were FEELIN’ IT after a crappy night of sleep.


We walked through a couple of seaside towns first, enjoying the views.


This was my favorite sign

Utah has a lot of seagulls too – I understood why they hate feeding the gulls. Seagulls are basically the pigeons of the ocean.

We then passed by the Caves of Caiplie, which were made of sandstone and slowly eroded over time.

Look at those gorgeous colors

After a while, we were starting to feel pretty hungry. So we stopped in another coastal town and ate at a cafe that served some of the best breakfast food I’ve ever had.

Channeling my inner Leslie Knope sans waffles

The rest of the day consisted of steady, constant hiking – well, for the most part. We stopped about an hour after lunch to take a nap and enjoy the pleasant weather. Austin fell asleep on my lap while I relaxed, listening to the ocean water come up against the shore and rocks.

My oversized wool socks
A rare post showing the Fife Coastal Path

I loved some of the seaside towns we walked through – one of them had a house decorated with seashells.


Color me impressed. Notice the starfish up in the window on the second floor
Things were slower since it was Sunday – it was nice just walking through these quiet towns
Some more ruins



After hiking all day, we arrived at a campsite just a couple of miles away from St. Andrews. I had my doubts about the camping availability in St. Andrews, since it was a college town, so we decided to check out the campsite. It had a lot of people camping there, but we could still see some available spots. Plus, this camping site was HUGE – at least 5 acres.

Austin went to talk to the managers while I talked with some people from England who were visiting St. Andrews for the weekend. When Austin came out, the managers said the campground was full. FULL? There were SO MANY AVAILABLE SPOTS! We were willing to pay the entrance fee! And we were in a two-man tent!

(Note: the irony in getting a two-man tent for two people is that you actually need a 3-man tent if you don’t want to be squished.)

But that didn’t stop us – we just pitched our tent right outside the property with our tent peeking in like little Dickensian orphans looking into a Christmas feast. We were still legal about it – but it didn’t stop us from using their bathrooms in the morning to wash up a little.

St. Andrews

The next day we hiked into St. Andrews and wandered around the St. Andrews Cathedral’s ruins and cemetery.

From what I understand, the cathedral fell into ruin after Catholicism was banned in the 16th century
Holding my water bottle like a wee baby

We also ate some delicious pastries and wandered around St. Andrews University, but this was our favorite part of the whole city:

Sophisticated humor is what we’re after

Anyway – we had a good time. The Fife Coastal Path is more residential than the West Highland Way, but it was a fascinating look into a different side of life and a different side of Scotland. I’d highly recommend it.

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