I tried surfing and it was…

Girl versus ocean, July 2017 Ocean: 3 Girl: 0 The last few times Austin and I have been to the beach, Austin really wants to rent a boogie board and wetsuit and just go to TOWN. So that’s what we do. But every time I get in that water, I am thoroughly THROTTLED by the ocean. IContinue reading “I tried surfing and it was…”

What snowboarding teaches me about balance

Picture this: I’m sitting on the top of a mountain, having just strapped my other boot into my snowboard. I reach over and grab the bottom of my snowboard and pull myself up. I’ve gotten better at this, but I’m still apprehensive. I nudge myself off in one direction, with my right foot going forwardContinue reading “What snowboarding teaches me about balance”

3 great shows for outdoor lovers

If you’re an outdoor purist, maybe you don’t watch TV. But if you have those days (or weeks, or months) where being indoors is the preferable option, here are the top three shows you should watch to get your outdoorsy fix. 1. Stranger Things I know, I know – everyone has watched this show. And forContinue reading “3 great shows for outdoor lovers”

Winter hiking to Lake Blanche

So as I’ve mentioned before, I signed up for the #52hikechallenge. I love winter hiking, and what better than a challenge to get me outside even more? Austin and I hiked to Lake Blanche just the other week. The trail says it’s 6.9 miles, but my phone clocked about 7.9 miles. I think my phoneContinue reading “Winter hiking to Lake Blanche”

3 reasons why you should visit Moab in the winter

I love Arches – it has a special place in my heart; probably because I was born and raised in Utah and Delicate Arch is what you see on many Utah license plates. Austin and I hiked there last Saturday. It was a good hike. Here’s why you should visit Moab and all its surroundingContinue reading “3 reasons why you should visit Moab in the winter”