Hike to the Hollywood Sign

This last week Austin and I took a trip to California. On our last day, I wanted to hike up to the Hollywood sign. And so we drove up to the trailhead and started walking. It was slightly confusing because there were other trails, but eventually we found a sign that told us where to go.

The trail out-and-back is 4.2ish miles, maybe a little more. It wasn’t too challenging, and had a good amount of flat mixed with the hills.


The best part was how green the hills were. I love southern California in the late winter/early spring.


Notice the backwards “Hollywood” sign – these are the perils of using the front-facing camera!


I loved the sun and warmth, and I can’t wait for summer to come again.

Published by Liesl Hammer

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2 thoughts on “Hike to the Hollywood Sign

    1. Yes, I strongly recommend it! It’s a really easy hike and it’s just one of the less common things to do when you’re in southern California, although I imagine it’s probably more crowded in the summer. Doing it in the late winter was perfect.


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