Winter hiking to Lake Blanche

So as I’ve mentioned before, I signed up for the #52hikechallenge. I love winter hiking, and what better than a challenge to get me outside even more?

Austin and I hiked to Lake Blanche just the other week. The trail says it’s 6.9 miles, but my phone clocked about 7.9 miles. I think my phone was also counting walking from where we were parked.

It was one of those hikes where you start off waaaaayyyy bundled…


…Aaaaaannnd then shedding most of your layers by the end.


Austin has had that hat ever since we hiked Scotland, and it used to be a lot darker until the salty sweat bleached out the color. #sweatypeopleprobs

Sundial Peak and the mostly frozen lake – I wasn’t willing to take my chances though

When we reached the lake, we ate leftover Domino’s pizza as part of our meal, and I gotta say, that’s the tastiest trail food I’ve ever had.


We couldn’t stay still for too long, though – the cold started getting to us and we had to get moving.

I think this is a dam Austin’s standing on

We didn’t bother bringing snowshoes with us, although they probably would’ve been more useful toward the end as the snow got deeper.


Do you ever look at your own photos and think, “Wow, I live in a stunning place” and just want to get back out there?


Dude, this place rocks.

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