3 great shows for outdoor lovers

If you’re an outdoor purist, maybe you don’t watch TV. But if you have those days (or weeks, or months) where being indoors is the preferable option, here are the top three shows you should watch to get your outdoorsy fix.

1. Stranger Things

I know, I know – everyone has watched this show. And for good reason! Who else rode their bike with their friend(s) as a kid, hoping to stumble on crazy adventures and marvelous monsters? Who else created wacky stories with their games and toys? I know that my Barbies tried all sorts of things – bungee jumping, riding on tops of vans, flying into space, underage drinking – you know, the works.

Anyway – that’s besides the point. Stranger Things gives you small-town charm and supernatural interest, all with the crisp air of fall, bike rides, and Halloween. I love the plot and the characters are compelling. Maybe the nostalgia’s overdone – maybe it’s Stranger Things.

2. Parks and Recreation

I love this show. I love that it’s not cynical and instead presents a cast of characters who are doing things they love for people they care about. They are occasionally selfish, but they mean well and they’re just trying to make the world a better place.

This show takes outdoorsyness to a much more local level. I’m all about exploring mountains and camping, and while there’s camping in this show, it’s more about making a difference in your own backyard and doing good in the world even when nobody appreciates it.

3. Gravity Falls

This show takes all the weirdness of Oregon and shoves it into a charming show about love, family, friendship, and summer. It’s only 2 seasons long – the creators intended it that way – but it’s got an interesting plot.

I initially thought the show was going to be like Phineas and Ferb, but it has a lot of continuity and a progressive plot with an eventual end. There are still some “throwaway” episodes that keep things light and have some good character development.

Honestly, I loved this show. It had such an interesting premise and a satisfying ending that left me wanting more. I strongly recommend it.


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