What I did in 2017

The biggest thing I got into this year was…wait for it…


Okay, so that’s a bit anti-climactic. But I don’t think I could’ve accomplished half of what I did this year had I not been so persistent with my bullet journal.

I was listening to a Vampire Weekend song while doodling on the right page

Thanks to my bullet journal, I:

  1. Got laid off but compiled my best interview questions, assessments, and companies I wanted to apply for
  2. Hiked the Y at least two dozen times, achieving a PR of 22 minutes to the top (this is a beastly hike)
  3. Got another job that pays a ton better and has ~*benefits*~
  4. Ran a marathon in May
  5. Paid off our car
  6. Volunteered at a women’s shelter for 6 months – when I was doing training for the volunteer work, I attended workshops that taught us about what constitutes healthy relationships, boundaries, and resources that exist for victims of domestic violence (both women and children). I wrote about all of these in my bullet journal and still apply the principles in my life.
  7. Did a sprint triathlon in June
  8. Camped in Oregon
  9. Summited 3 of Utah Valley’s 7 Peaks
  10. Ran a marathon in October
  11. Read 28 books
  12. Got back into snowboarding

The best part is, I actually remember doing these things. I think we’ve all accomplished more than we realize, we just don’t remember it.

I’m pretty proud of myself for what I’ve done this year. I’ve also recently been inspired by Mountain Maven’s yearly bucket list and I’d love to create that. I’m also planning on signing up for the #52hikechallenge by the end of the week – it sounds intimidating and wonderful and I’m excited.

It’s gonna be another great year.

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