Girl walks into an art studio

I meant to submit this to Man Repeller and completely spaced the deadline. Here’s my best feel-good story. So, there’s this guy. Okay, so he’s at least fifty years old. And no, nothing romantic. But he sends me emails about twice a week. They’re short, typically no more than a few sentences. But inviting, alwaysContinue reading “Girl walks into an art studio”

The greatest love song I barely heard

I wrote this back in February. I submitted it to Man Repeller’s Writers Club contest. The prompt was, “Tell me a great love story.” It didn’t get published. I’m going to publish it here now. It was Adam’s turn to sing. Adam hadn’t performed in front of us once all semester. He had severe anxietyContinue reading “The greatest love song I barely heard”

Procrastination – a possible leeway into creativity

Look at this video: What do you think about the person who made it? Do you think they had too much time on their hands? Or what if it was the opposite? What if this person was putting off some other things they were supposed to be doing: homework, housework, bills, groceries (ahem, I needContinue reading “Procrastination – a possible leeway into creativity”

The best thing I do for writer’s block

Writer’s block sucks. This is what I do when I struggle with writer’s block: Write to myself. There’s a lot of writer’s block advice out there, and I understand why: it’s everywhere. You’re trying to write something, anything. You’re writing a book. You’re writing a personal essay. You’re finishing some homework assignment. You want to getContinue reading “The best thing I do for writer’s block”

Apparently it’s impossible to not compare yourself but here’s what you can do instead

I’ve been told time and time again that I shouldn’t compare myself to other people’s lives, and I completely agree with it. But it’s also the hardest thing to do. I even left social media so I wouldn’t and I STILL have a problem with comparing myself. Turns out, we humans might just be hardwiredContinue reading “Apparently it’s impossible to not compare yourself but here’s what you can do instead”

2017 was not a dumpster fire year, in spite of what the internet thinks

Let me get it out of the way: I do not love the way politics went in the United States. But I really struggle with the constant narrative dominating the internet that 2017 was the worst year. Really? Was it really the worst year ever? What about 1347, when the Bubonic Plague wiped out a third ofContinue reading “2017 was not a dumpster fire year, in spite of what the internet thinks”