Getting back into running without dying

I’ve been out of sync lately when it comes to working out. It seems to be a thing whenever I finish a goal I had, and so I have to keep setting goals so I can keep working out consistently. Observe the following: After my first marathon, I felt so elated/burned out from my successContinue reading “Getting back into running without dying”

How to put off that exercise thing you’ve been meaning to do

Finally, a snow day. You can go snowboarding. Or, you could stay in bed. I mean, have you SEEN the weather out there? It’s ridiculous. But hey, the climbing gym is just a mile away! You just got some new shoes and you’ve been dying to try them out. But nobody can go with youContinue reading “How to put off that exercise thing you’ve been meaning to do”

Winter hiking to Lake Blanche

So as I’ve mentioned before, I signed up for the #52hikechallenge. I love winter hiking, and what better than a challenge to get me outside even more? Austin and I hiked to Lake Blanche just the other week. The trail says it’s 6.9 miles, but my phone clocked about 7.9 miles. I think my phoneContinue reading “Winter hiking to Lake Blanche”

My very exciting and hopefully somewhat realistic 2018 Bucket List

I had a good 2017 and accomplished a lot – here’s to a fantastic 2018! Here’s a list of everything I’d like to accomplish this year: 1. Finish the #52HikeChallenge I signed up this weekend and already accomplished two different hikes! I’ll write about them this week. I’m really excited about this challenge – I’dContinue reading “My very exciting and hopefully somewhat realistic 2018 Bucket List”

An ode to the ugly hike that saved my sanity

HikingĀ Y MountainĀ is a beast, but I have quite the love story with its child: the Y itself. For those of you who are unfamiliar with Utah Valley, Y mountain is right next to Brigham Young University’s campus. The giant, 788-foot Y was made over 100 years ago. The Ute name for Y Mountain used toContinue reading “An ode to the ugly hike that saved my sanity”

Hiking the Fife Coastal Path, part 3

Day 3 – Sunday, 21 miles We had to crank out more miles today, but we were FEELIN’ IT after a crappy night of sleep. We walked through a couple of seaside towns first, enjoying the views. Utah has a lot of seagulls too – I understood why they hate feeding the gulls. Seagulls areContinue reading “Hiking the Fife Coastal Path, part 3”

Hiking the Fife Coastal Path, part 2

Day 2 – Saturday, 15 miles, probably On this day we headed from Buckhaven to St. Monans, scrambling over rocks and walking along the beach and trekking through towns. The difference between the Fife Coastal Path and the West Highland Way was how many towns we went through. There were seaside towns EVERYWHERE. This wasContinue reading “Hiking the Fife Coastal Path, part 2”

Hiking the Fife Coastal Path, part 1

Day 1 – Friday, 14 miles We came here to escape the midges. Look to the far right of that map. Isn’t it beautiful? All those 1’s. Best of all – no midges. We’d experienced enough midges from the West Highland Way and Skye. As far as I was concerned, I’d had enough bug bitesContinue reading “Hiking the Fife Coastal Path, part 1”