Getting back into running without dying

Me after I finish a run

I’ve been out of sync lately when it comes to working out. It seems to be a thing whenever I finish a goal I had, and so I have to keep setting goals so I can keep working out consistently.

Observe the following:

  • After my first marathon, I felt so elated/burned out from my success from completion that I stopped running completely
  • I would do a ton of hiking on weekends but I typically went to the gym on/off most weeks
  • I didn’t run enough so then my second marathon was my worst time ever
  • I did a 12-week workout program after that and did it until my back started hurting, took some brief time off, and then finished it

And now…nothing. I haven’t done anything since I went snowboarding over the weekend and my body needs me to work out because

And I’ve been feeling antsy to start running now that the weather’s warming up again. I think the best way for me to start running again is to sign up for some races. Austin wants to do an ultra-marathon, and I think I could do it. We’ll see what happens!

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