Procrastination – a possible leeway into creativity

Look at this video: What do you think about the person who made it? Do you think they had too much time on their hands? Or what if it was the opposite? What if this person was putting off some other things they were supposed to be doing: homework, housework, bills, groceries (ahem, I needContinue reading “Procrastination – a possible leeway into creativity”

The best thing I do for writer’s block

Writer’s block sucks. This is what I do when I struggle with writer’s block: Write to myself. There’s a lot of writer’s block advice out there, and I understand why: it’s everywhere. You’re trying to write something, anything. You’re writing a book. You’re writing a personal essay. You’re finishing some homework assignment. You want to getContinue reading “The best thing I do for writer’s block”

Getting back into running without dying

I’ve been out of sync lately when it comes to working out. It seems to be a thing whenever I finish a goal I had, and so I have to keep setting goals so I can keep working out consistently. Observe the following: After my first marathon, I felt so elated/burned out from my successContinue reading “Getting back into running without dying”

3 great shows for outdoor lovers

If you’re an outdoor purist, maybe you don’t watch TV. But if you have those days (or weeks, or months) where being indoors is the preferable option, here are the top three shows you should watch to get your outdoorsy fix. 1. Stranger Things I know, I know – everyone has watched this show. And forContinue reading “3 great shows for outdoor lovers”

Hot take: I don’t like cookie dough

I LOVE cookies. Chocolate chip is my favorite – nothing wrong with going classic. It’s especially perfect when the cookie is still warm. But raw, unbaked dough? Not my thing. It’s not really the raw eggs or the possibility of salmonella. I just dislike the texture and I much prefer melty chocolate chips over theContinue reading “Hot take: I don’t like cookie dough”

How to put off that exercise thing you’ve been meaning to do

Finally, a snow day. You can go snowboarding. Or, you could stay in bed. I mean, have you SEEN the weather out there? It’s ridiculous. But hey, the climbing gym is just a mile away! You just got some new shoes and you’ve been dying to try them out. But nobody can go with youContinue reading “How to put off that exercise thing you’ve been meaning to do”