Angels Landing and my weird obsession with heights

I like heights. I’m not someone who’s going to fling myself off the first cliff I can, but I like them. They don’t scare me – they put the fear of god in me. I love heights because they are terrifying and remind me of my mortality. The terror is thrilling. And what better placeContinue reading “Angels Landing and my weird obsession with heights”

Snow Canyon: St. George’s well-kept secret

This last weekend Austin and I went down to St. George to visit some friends. While we were there, we added 4 hikes to my 52 hike challenge, one of those hikes done in Snow Canyon, a state park. Contrary to popular belief, Snow Canyon wasn’t named for sheer irony. Instead, it used to be DixieContinue reading “Snow Canyon: St. George’s well-kept secret”

The number one advice I have for anyone trying to get into exercise

I’ve only been working out hardcore for two years, but it’s been an eventful 2 years. Even before that, I was doing other exercises that were steadily helping build me up – I took a swimming class, a Zumba class, a spinning class, and tried to hike the Y. And then after I graduated college,Continue reading “The number one advice I have for anyone trying to get into exercise”

I tried a new thing: rappelling

That first lean backwards into nothing is the scariest part. Walking backwards and going off the edge of a cliff is scarier than actually hanging in the air. By that point you’ve realized that you aren’t going to die, you just need to maintain control of the rope. This last weekend I went rappelling. ItContinue reading “I tried a new thing: rappelling”

The lazy woman’s guide to eating healthy without eating rabbit food

Are you wanting to eat healthier? Is Chick-Fil-A leaving you satisfied, only to have that satisfaction to be replaced with regret approximately 20 minutes later? Do you want to eat healthy without feeling like Bugs Bunny? Do you also hate cooking and want easy hacks that simultaneously makes spinach taste like candy but also trimsContinue reading “The lazy woman’s guide to eating healthy without eating rabbit food”

When you’re an accidental jerk

Have you ever been bullied? Have you ever had people say mean things to you? Has anyone ever talked behind your back, maybe someone you thought was a friend turned out to have a secret vendetta against you? Have you ever done that yourself? I know I have. I think it’s easier to remember whenContinue reading “When you’re an accidental jerk”