The lazy woman’s guide to eating healthy without eating rabbit food

Are you wanting to eat healthier? Is Chick-Fil-A leaving you satisfied, only to have that satisfaction to be replaced with regret approximately 20 minutes later? Do you want to eat healthy without feeling like Bugs Bunny?

Do you also hate cooking and want easy hacks that simultaneously makes spinach taste like candy but also trims belly fat?


Here’s part of my lunch today:

Look how cute my pants are

Yep. Wabbit season food.

Here’s how it all happened:

  • Liesl got digestive issues
  • Liesl’s doctor told her to eat a high-fiber diet
  • Liesl tried salads and advance meal prep
  • Liesl got lazy and tired of meal prep
    • Also, meal prep works for about 2 days in the Hammer household
  • Liesl gets snacky at work


  • Liesl starts snacking on spinach instead
  • Liesl brings spinach, tomatoes, green peppers, steamed broccoli, the works
  • It turns into this whole thing
  • Now Liesl is a rabbit

I used to LOVE sitting around watching TV and doing nothing until it hurt my back. I’ve been so lazy that I literally wouldn’t eat because that required getting up and making food.

So, as it turns out, the easier habit to break is simply snacking on spinach during work – putting the food in front of me – than thinking, “I have to make a salad and I have to include all these veggies and I’ll have to cook chicken to get protein and oh man I’m just exhausted thinking about it.”

Some people can trick themselves into eating healthy things by making them delicious. But that’s not me. I’d rather spend my mornings (and Sunday afternoons) in bed watching some TV show or going for a hike or running or camping or anything that doesn’t involve me having to take frozen chicken out of the freezer.

So, I trick myself into eating healthy by shoving spinach into a tupperware container, cutting up a pepper, and grabbing a whole tomato and making sure it’s the only thing I have access to that day. And even though I don’t love the taste, at least I’m eating good old-fashioned fiber.

At least I still eat Domino’s pizza on weekends.

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