When you’re an accidental jerk

Have you ever been bullied? Have you ever had people say mean things to you? Has anyone ever talked behind your back, maybe someone you thought was a friend turned out to have a secret vendetta against you? Have you ever done that yourself? I know I have. I think it’s easier to remember whenContinue reading “When you’re an accidental jerk”

Hot take: I don’t like cookie dough

I LOVE cookies. Chocolate chip is my favorite – nothing wrong with going classic. It’s especially perfect when the cookie is still warm. But raw, unbaked dough? Not my thing. It’s not really the raw eggs or the possibility of salmonella. I just dislike the texture and I much prefer melty chocolate chips over theContinue reading “Hot take: I don’t like cookie dough”

Amateur book review: Wild

Given my ever-budding love for the outdoors, this book is like a rite of passage for outdoorsy women. Quick rundown: it’s a memoir by a woman who hiked the Pacific Crest Trail four years after the death of her mother. She’d gone completely off the deep end, did drugs, cheated on her husband excessively, andContinue reading “Amateur book review: Wild”