Hot take: I don’t like cookie dough

I LOVE cookies. Chocolate chip is my favorite – nothing wrong with going classic. It’s especially perfect when the cookie is still warm.

But raw, unbaked dough? Not my thing.

It’s not really the raw eggs or the possibility of salmonella. I just dislike the texture and I much prefer melty chocolate chips over the solid ones.

I’ve rarely met a person who agrees with me. It seems almost gospel for people to love raw cookie dough. All my coworkers were discussing it over some delicious chocolate chip (plus walnut!) cookies today.

I’ll stick with my baked goods, thanks.

Published by Liesl Hammer

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2 thoughts on “Hot take: I don’t like cookie dough

  1. What! I mean, all people are different and I respect those differences, but cookie dough is so yummy! And so is brownie batter. But I do agree that warm gooey cookies are definitely better than cookie dough, so I guess we can still be friends šŸ™‚


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