My favorite workout videos

I’m running again. The weather right now is amazing. Nothing but sunshine for days, dude.


Okay, so maybe Monday and Wednesday not so much. But still – it’s so nice to be able to just go for walks and feel that warmth and put on sunscreen and pray that I covered up enough that I don’t get cancer and just bask in the quiet, enjoyable sunshine.

But sometimes I just don’t want to run. That’s still a thing. But I know that I want to work out, and lately YouTube’s been my go-to for that. Here are my favorite workout videos I use:

I’ve been stupid obsessed with Blogilates lately – the splits challenge I’m doing is from her! She has these awesome workouts that are apartment-friendly and super short, so typically I combine a couple of videos with my workout.

It’s nice because her workouts are still pretty challenging without disturbing your downstairs neighbors, and as someone who lives above AND below people, I know the reality. I’m hoping to get more into her HIIT stuff soon.

This video has actually really made a difference in my splits challenge – after following along with this girl, I’m a lot bendier and more flexible. Plus, she includes modified versions which I (desperately) need.

My biggest beef with flexibility videos is the overall attitude of “follow along with me and you can do this in FIVE MINUTES!!!” but I’m still working on daily stretches that are actually going to help me get to the splits. So this is the video I think of when I’m not getting the results I want.

What’s most important is that I AM seeing results, no matter how minor or incremental.

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