Angels Landing and my weird obsession with heights

I like heights. I’m not someone who’s going to fling myself off the first cliff I can, but I like them. They don’t scare me – they put the fear of god in me. I love heights because they are terrifying and remind me of my mortality. The terror is thrilling.


And what better place to channel that obsession through Angels Landing?


There were some points where Austin and I were standing inches away from at least a 200-foot drop. It was surreal looking over the ledge and realizing that if I fell off it, I’d be a goner.


Sorry – I tend to channel my inner morbidity when hiking places like this.


I was amazed at how steep the trail was. I’ve done this trail before, and this time around, we wanted to use the chains as little as possible.


Most people on the trail were very courteous to let everyone pass and take turns. It makes life a LOT easier.


I can’t get over how steep this is. I love it.


Look how crazy narrow it is! I’m sure there are narrower and more intimidating trails out there, but this one is pretty unique.


In case you can’t tell, my favorite photos are the ones taken from above.


Look at all that gorgeous red rock. Zion National Park is one of my favorites.


Whether you call it “Zions” or “Zion,” you can’t deny the epic factor of this place.


I love the thin slats of rock stacked so firmly on each other – look at those details in the rock.


Yep. It’s awesome. That’s all.

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2 thoughts on “Angels Landing and my weird obsession with heights

  1. I love this hike! But I have to admit that I cried on the way up and almost turned around! I’m not afraid of hikes, but I’m afraid of dying and knew I was one wrong step away from death on that trail. I’m glad I pushed through and did it though!


    1. Hey, good for you! I totally recognize overcoming fear – we all have fear in one way or another, and a fear of death by falling is COMPLETELY understandable. I’m glad you saw it to the end!


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