If you don’t have it, you can learn it

I’m sure you’ve heard the expression in some form or another that boils down to: “You either have it or you don’t.” I completely disagree with this. It’s too reductive, too reliant on talent and innate ability. It’s a fixed mindset rather than a growth mindset and can be incredibly limiting. I try – keyContinue reading “If you don’t have it, you can learn it”

You never forget your first shoes

I’m only being slightly dramatic when I say these shoes changed my life. They were shoes that were meant more for hiking (i.e. they were bulkier), but because they were built like running shoes, I also exercised in them. I learned how to run in these shoes. I would wear them as I ran uphillContinue reading “You never forget your first shoes”

I tried surfing and it was…

Girl versus ocean, July 2017 Ocean: 3 Girl: 0 The last few times Austin and I have been to the beach, Austin really wants to rent a boogie board and wetsuit and just go to TOWN. So that’s what we do. But every time I get in that water, I am thoroughly THROTTLED by the ocean. IContinue reading “I tried surfing and it was…”

What snowboarding teaches me about balance

Picture this: I’m sitting on the top of a mountain, having just strapped my other boot into my snowboard. I reach over and grab the bottom of my snowboard and pull myself up. I’ve gotten better at this, but I’m still apprehensive. I nudge myself off in one direction, with my right foot going forwardContinue reading “What snowboarding teaches me about balance”

Procrastination – a possible leeway into creativity

Look at this video: What do you think about the person who made it? Do you think they had too much time on their hands? Or what if it was the opposite? What if this person was putting off some other things they were supposed to be doing: homework, housework, bills, groceries (ahem, I needContinue reading “Procrastination – a possible leeway into creativity”

The best thing I do for writer’s block

Writer’s block sucks. This is what I do when I struggle with writer’s block: Write to myself. There’s a lot of writer’s block advice out there, and I understand why: it’s everywhere. You’re trying to write something, anything. You’re writing a book. You’re writing a personal essay. You’re finishing some homework assignment. You want to getContinue reading “The best thing I do for writer’s block”

Getting back into running without dying

I’ve been out of sync lately when it comes to working out. It seems to be a thing whenever I finish a goal I had, and so I have to keep setting goals so I can keep working out consistently. Observe the following: After my first marathon, I felt so elated/burned out from my successContinue reading “Getting back into running without dying”