3 snags you hit when you start running

Pardon the pun, but beginning running always has a few hurdles to overcome. I think that figuring out how to breathe is one of the biggest, but here are a few others that might trip you up: 1. Not the bee’s knees –¬†Ever notice how much you love and cherish your knees when they hurt?Continue reading “3 snags you hit when you start running”

Amateur book review: Wild

Given my ever-budding love for the outdoors, this book is like a rite of passage for outdoorsy women. Quick rundown: it’s a memoir by a woman who hiked the Pacific Crest Trail four years after the death of her mother. She’d gone completely off the deep end, did drugs, cheated on her husband excessively, andContinue reading “Amateur book review: Wild”

Winter hiking 101: do’s and don’ts of snowshoeing

Do spell it “snowshoeing.” Not snowshoeng, snoshooing, or snowshuing. Think of Boeing. All those vowels together. It…it makes more sense in my head. Don’t use snowshoes on well-trafficked terrain. I mean, you can if you want. But this is a waste of perfectly good snowshoes and is much slower. If you plan to go onContinue reading “Winter hiking 101: do’s and don’ts of snowshoeing”

Couch potato to 5k: how I got off my butt and started running, part 2

Last May, I ran my first ever marathon. How the hell did I ever get into running? To be honest, the running I do is probably more accurately described as “jogging,” but I hate that word because it makes it sound like you’re putting in the tiniest effort possible to achieve minimum results – althoughContinue reading “Couch potato to 5k: how I got off my butt and started running, part 2”