Solo hiking to Donut Falls

A couple of weeks ago I hiked to Donut Falls. THERE WERE NO DONUTS. So disappointing.

Not a single donut in sight

I’ve done solo hiking before, but it was always on trails I’ve already done. This one was completely new to me and honestly driving out there through the canyon was the most terrifying part of it – everyone and their dog had the exact same idea as me and people were dashing across the street and at one point I was convinced I was on a wild goose chase for this trail.

This trail was surprisingly slick

But I found it! Because I’m not afraid to ask for directions from multiple sources at all times. I asked anyone – the directions at the trailhead were kind of vague so I asked some people where to go. And I figured that given that there were so many people hiking around me, this was probably the right trail. But then I took a left where everyone else took a right and I was hiking on a very slick trail all alone. I slipped so many times that I considered turning around, but I wanted to keep going. I eventually met up with some other hikers who were returning from the hike, who told me I was on the right way.


It was a pretty easy hike for the most part. However, because of the slick snow that did exist, I ended up not making it all the way up to the best part of the falls. That was me not researching it enough, because even though I’d seen pictures like this:

Image stolen from

All I was seeing was this:


But apparently if I had kept going LEFT of the falls you see above, I would have seen a trail to go up and experience the falls in all their glory. But I saw a bunch of people sitting around taking pictures and I just thought, “oh, this must be it.”

So I climbed up those rocks in that picture and squatted in that tiny cave next to those tiny falls and took a couple of pictures and came back down and returned.

20171021_134440       20171021_134432_HDR

I kept wondering if there was just another Donut Falls (you know, such a common name for waterfalls) and looked it up when I got back.


On the bright side, it means I’ll just have to go again.

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2 thoughts on “Solo hiking to Donut Falls

  1. Haha this sounds like something I would do! I once drove to a trailhead, parked, saw a sign that said “trail” with an arrow pointing, and followed it. Halfway up I crossed paths with someone and asked what trail I was on, and realized I was on the wrong trail! He pointed across the valley and said I wanted to be up there instead. Whoops. But you’re right, it meant I got to go back there again soon to do the real thing!


    1. Hahaha I love it! This hasn’t been my first dumb time out hiking and it won’t be the last. I hope I get to Donut Falls again soon, and maybe this time I’ll be better prepared!


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