How to get to 100 push-ups: my dismal April challenge

There’s a challenge I secretly did tried this month: 100 daily push-ups!

I was inspired by another Buzzfeed video:

I decided to go for it along with the splits challenge. After all, if I could make it to 50 push-ups, I could do 100 daily, right? Right.

Right and wrong.

I would say that for more than half the month – and I mean about 23 of the days of the month – I actually pumped out 100 push-ups.

I had it down to a whole system:

7 a.m.: Wake up, do 10 push-ups

8: Do 10 more before leaving for work

9: I need a desk break. Let’s do 10.

9:30: I could do 10 more.

10: Yeah, I’ll do 10 again.

10:45: It’s almost 11. Let’s do 10 more.

11:30: I need to go for a run. I’ll crank out 10 before running.

12:15: I’ve done some stretching – maybe do 10 more? Okay, 10 after that, too. What the hey – I’ll do 10 more. Hey, I’m done!

That was a GOOD day. But every weekend, I got thrown off. Plus, there were often days where I felt more like this:

Statue Credit: Fredrik Raddum

It was brutal, dude. I had to force myself a LOT.

I had gotten strong enough where I was trying to challenge myself with 20 push-ups each time, which was sufficiently challenging each time that my arms were weak at the end. And I’d recover and do some more when I was feeling up to it.

But man, I did NOT do it for 30 days straight. I had days where I just thought,

Here’s the video

Still – on the days I DID do it – I felt amazing. And I feel stronger for it. And so ultimately, even though I failed at this challenge (the whole “doing it for 30 days straight” part), I feel stronger for it.

I can do push-ups, and can get up to 100…just not daily.


  1. That’s such a good idea though! When I see those challenges I always think it’s 100 at the same time and that is terrifying. But doing 10 at a time makes me feel like I could maybe get to 100 in one day! I think even though you skipped days you still did a great job with this challenge!


    • Thanks for the support! I was a little more lenient on myself because I was paranoid about overtraining, and sometimes I was just TOO EXHAUSTED to do anything. Still – the best part about the 100-day challenge was that it gave me more ab definition! That’s one of the best parts about push-ups!


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