Play clothes vs professional clothes

I was in a slot canyon and it was getting narrower and narrower. I looked down at my nice brown boots I had gotten at Ross for $25. They were meant more for the workplace. Hopefully, they wouldn’t get too scuffed up.


The good news? They were already scuffed up. I’d worn these boots all winter long. They’d helped me navigate gravelly and slushy parking lots.

Usually when I work out or hike, I have very specific clothes for the occasion. You know, the usual: sports bra, underwear, leggings, tank top, trail running shoes. I don’t often wear anything outside of the norm.

When our friends invited me and Austin to go to Snow Canyon right after we’d had brunch, I was a little apprehensive. I was wearing fuzzy socks and long, brown boots that went up to my knees. Sandstone and faux-leather boots don’t exactly mix.

But I went anyway, remembering that at one point in my life, at least 2 decades ago, I was jumping on a trampoline in a pink dress. I ran around barefoot in the grass in that dress. I slept overnight in that dress. That dress didn’t stop me from having the time of my life, so why should my nice boots?


And it was awesome. We loved Snow Canyon, and afterward Austin and I hiked in Pioneer Park, where we found the slot canyon.


That slot canyon was narrow enough to make people who weren’t claustrophobic nervous. Austin even had to bail out because he couldn’t fit anymore.


As soon as I reached the end, I was able to scramble up some rocks and ended up on top of the narrow slot. My shoes were just fine – I was worrying for nothing.

Here’s the thing: the clothes I was wearing were not strictly professional. I was in jeans, for crying out loud. For my day job, I have a pretty standard wardrobe: black pants, dressy shirts, some fancy flats, a few dresses. I would not hike in my nice black pants. I would not climb in some of my nice shirts. My dresses and boots aren’t conducive to quick runs.

But I do push ups in them.

I go for walks – sometimes I get sweaty on those walks, depending on my speed and the temperature.

I do midday stretches in them, although the tight pants are a bit of a hindrance.

Play clothes are easier to run around in than professional clothes, but don’t let your wardrobe stop you from being active. You can always wash your clothes.



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