Update on splits challenge, week 2

I think I’m progressing. It’s slow progress, but it’s happening.

It’s really hard trying to take splits selfies in the locker room

So I’ve been trying to stretch more during the day, but I’ve gotta be honest: when I was in Moab, I didn’t stretch at all. I skipped 2 days of stretching, so I’m behind. Other than those 2 days, I’m still on track.

I realize that it’s pretty likely I won’t hit the splits by the end of the month, which is okay. I saw this video by this dude, and flexibility is DEFINITELY a journey:

He says it’ll take 6 months before you see results. Welp.


No, I’ll keep going. I think my legs are starting to get straighter – and that DEFINITELY counts for something.

I’ve started incorporating the other stretches from Nerd Fitness. You know what’s easy about those stretches? I can do them during work. Here’s the link if you’d like, but I’ll list them out here:

  • Bend over and try to touch your toes with your feet shoulder-width apart, have a “micro-bend” in your knees but no more
  • Do cat-camel (or, as I prefer, cat-cow)
  • Do “star” toe-touches, i.e. cross your right hand over to your left leg, your left hand over to your right leg and so on
  • Get in a squat position, put your hands under the tops of your feet, and bust your butt INTO THE AIR and then down again. Do this for like 30 seconds. I actually don’t do this stretch because it hurts my back.

I might have to start committing more. But even if I do just the stretches that Blogilates recommends, I think it’s a good start.

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