The only podcast I listen to

I don’t listen to too many podcasts. They tend to be a little rambly for me, and I get a false sense of security thinking I’m actually taking action and changing my life. In reality, I listen, think, “Hey, that’s cool,” and then do nothing.

But with the Art of Charm podcast, which I listen to through my Spotify, I have learned one fantastic lesson that I have deeply internalized:

If quality is what you want, focus on quantity.

It’s the reason why you’re seeing a ton more blog posts from me. I’m just writing daily, in the words of Austin Kleon, “without hope and without despair.” And even if my blog posts are irrelevant to what I originally intended this blog to be about (i.e. the great outdoors), I just keep creating something small on a daily basis.

I do it even if it’s crap – I do it even if it’s boring – I do it even when it’s hard.

I just keep doing it.

Which is why I recommend you listen to this one podcast – because you might actually change your life like I did.

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