How to put off that exercise thing you’ve been meaning to do

Finally, a snow day. You can go snowboarding.

Or, you could stay in bed. I mean, have you SEEN the weather out there? It’s ridiculous.

But hey, the climbing gym is just a mile away! You just got some new shoes and you’ve been dying to try them out.

But nobody can go with you because you didn’t make plans and everyone’s into that whole “advance notice” thing nowadays. Also, climbing alone is scary. What if you hurt yourself, or worse, what if you just look stupid and people judge you?

And again, that snow, man. A mile isn’t even worth the risk.

But luckily you have a gym in your apartment complex. It came with all the trimmings, and you know you need to implement more strength training into your workout anyway.

Okay, after these two episodes of Brooklyn 99.

It’s time to go. But you need to get changed, and you’re kinda cozy in these leggings. Besides, you just ate lunch like 2 hours ago and you KNOW that crap needs to digest before you do anything.

Also, what if there are people there?

Fine. Just stay at home. Work out in your apartment. You JUST got a book that has literally 619 exercises you can do. Pick 5. Do some reps and sets. Rest. Do them again for like 30 minutes. Bam, you’re done.

No, you’re not. Because you haven’t done anything yet…because…okay, you’re out of excuses.

Exercise is so good for you. It makes you feel better physically and emotionally. You love the way you look when you exercise regularly. It’s okay if you aren’t the most physically capable person in the gym.

Okay. Just do 20 push ups. Okay, 15. 10. 5?

Just do 5 push ups. And maybe then you’ll actually get going.

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