Sunday stuffs, vol. 11

Okay, so it’s Monday. But these are my two favorite articles I’ve read this week:

Trying to make friends online shook my confidence more than online dating ever did

You can’t change that person in your life, even when they struggle. I highly recommend this entire blog, Science of People. I recently finished her book Captivate and it was ballin’.



  1. That friends article is REAL. In Anchorage as soon as I make a friend they move away or have a baby, which means we are still friends but our friendship is totally different. I’m glad that I have Girls Who Hike where I can meet girls who like to hike and do stuff that I do because that’s the only way I’m making friends.

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    • Yes, story of my life! It’s tough to have friendships change. I’ve been making more friends with the people I work with (which is a real relief, given that I see them 40 hours a week) and that has made such a difference in my life.


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