Grand Junction – One of Colorado’s secret gems

Colorado is known for its mountains and sweet, sweet powder. That’s why we went to Colorado this last week: to hit the slopes.

While the snowboarding was good (I’m improving!), we were very pleasantly surprised by the excellent hiking that exists out in western Colorado, just outside of Grand Junction.


If you’re looking for some easy hikes, Colorado National Monument has a variety of hikes for whatever level you’re at and how much time you have.


We hiked a portion of the Ute Canyon trail. According to the guidebook, the whole hike out and back is about 14 miles. We didn’t have time for that, and were more content to slowly explore.


The hike descended into the canyon. It wasn’t too tricky navigating around the snow, despite the occasional slips.


Despite the warm temperatures, we stumbled on a creek bed that was completely frozen over. Isn’t it so rad to be able to walk on frozen water?


I eventually warmed up a lot that I needed to remove my coat. Luckily, the coat was a light down jacket that came with a stuff-sack and I carried my coat with me more easily.


After a little bit more exploration, we decided to turn around and go back. We hiked a total of three miles – nothing too ambitious, just enjoying our holiday.

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