Utah isn’t exactly known for its great air quality.

Behold the giant fart cloud. Credit: AP

The current solution is for Utahns to drive less, but people love the autonomy that comes with cars. Plus it’s kind of complicated navigating the public transit, which isn’t nearly as developed as other metropolitan areas. I’ve attempted to negotiate carpooling with some coworkers, but we all come at different times and it hasn’t really happened.

Fog or inversion? Yes

So! Yesterday on my way to work I saw a billboard advertising “#FreeFareFriday” and I looked it up and LO AND BEHOLD, I had an opportunity to ride to work FOR FREE.

Bundled up against the cold

I had to leave half an hour earlier this morning than I usually do, but I rode a train, and then got on a bus, and then walked for about 10ish minutes until I got to work.

There were few sidewalks on my route from the bus

It adds an extra half hour to each part of my commute, making my daily commute a total of 2 hours instead of…well, it’s unpredictable. My daily commute is typically no longer than an hour and a half.

Pretty stunning view

But there’s no road rage when you’re on a bus and train, and it gets in extra walking for me. If free fare Fridays keep happening, I’ll take advantage of them and maybe try to utilize public transit at least 2 other times a week.


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