Sunday Stuffs, vol. 4

I don’t know whether to be inspired by this video or discouraged – but overall, it’s pretty badass:

Here’s what happens to your body when you thru-hike. Has anyone here ever hiked longer than 500 miles? What happened to you?

I LOVE bullet journaling – I’m not perfect at it, but my life is far more organized as a result. You don’t have to make your bullet journal as pretty as some of these, but the layouts help me organize myself better.

Here’s the best marathon tips ever published. (At least, on Outside Online)

And finally, our love/hate relationships with phones.


    • Right? I do airplane mode whenever I’m out on a hike so I can conserve battery to take pictures and make any necessary calls. Still – I’m attached to my phone like an umbilical cord and it’s really hard to get myself away from it!


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