30-day push-up challenge and other thoughts

I completed the 30-day push-up challenge on November 30. I did the 50 push-ups, although at 38 I stopped for a few seconds to breathe, and then on 49 I literally collapsed because my arms were so weak. After panting for 10 seconds, I added in a couple extra push-ups to make up for my weakness. How do people do this regularly?

I also struggled with going DEEEEEEEEEP on my push-ups. I originally had a goal to get past the 90-degree angle with my arms, but after 20+ push-ups it was better to stay shallow so I could keep moving.

Still – push-ups are tough things, and I’m proud of myself for doing them. I plan to keep them as a part of my routine and eventually go deeper.

I’ve also blogged for just about 30 days straight, with the exception of missing 2 days in early November. (My excuse is the debate tournament which took all day and all night)

Maybe this is a reflection on me caring too much about what people think, but blogging daily was really hard for me. I felt like human spam – constantly posting and sending out my stuff into the unknown. I know that Seth Godin, Tim Ferriss and Austin Kleon would disagree with me and trumpet the virtues of daily blogging, but damn! I felt like the little sibling who just couldn’t shut up.

I’ve loved writing about my past hiking experiences. I’ve discovered if you want to remember the details of experiences you’ve had – not just the pleasant feeling that comes from nostalgia, but actual details – you have to write it down.

I had written all about my experience of hiking the West Highland Way and it was good to return to that writing and use it as a reference point. But I didn’t write about the Fife Coastal Path and it showed. I had photos and a husband and an old guidebook sitting in our kitchen drawer to use, but honestly, that wasn’t enough.

It was a good growing experience, and I still plan to follow the Austin Kleon adage of creating something small each day – it just may not end up on my blog as much. But I still plan to post here regularly.

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