Daily walks

I walk daily – it’s been a little harder with how windy it’s been lately, but I love to walk. It helps me think, it helps me decompress, and best of all, I get out of my head and out of the building.

There’s always something interesting that I see on my daily walks. For example, here’s something interesting Austin and I discovered last Sunday night on our nightly walk:

Austin’s hand for scale

Look at the size of that slug – keep in mind I’m in Utah, mostly desert country. YOU DON’T SEE SLUGS LIKE THIS. We saw this outside of a brook and we thought it was a fish. Then, because we had recently finished binge-watching Stranger Things, we thought it was some baby demogorgon and, using a stick, flung it back into the brook. Who knows what happened to that thing? It probably sprouted arms and legs and ate someone’s cat.

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