Sunday Stuffs, vol. 2

I love Hot Date – Emily and Murph are hilarious. It’s like Portlandia, except I can watch more of these without getting insanely uncomfortable.

I’ve never been particularly good at photography – my current camera is my phone and heavens, it’s an atrocious thing – but I try to follow the rule of thirds. However, I’ve been guilty of taking some of these photos myself and I’ll try to be a liiiiiiiittttle bit more original.

The Most Hated Poet in Portland – I wasn’t a fan of this guy’s poetry myself, but this is a fascinating read on internet shaming and its overreaching effects.

Jupiter has been my favorite planet ever since I looked at its stripes through a telescope 8 years ago – these pictures have stunning colors and Jupiter looks like straight-up marble.

Why it’s important to be cool to the pizza dude.

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