YouTube tutorials and amateurs

I’m fascinated by YouTube tutorials, or at least the concept of them.

About 5 years ago my cousin bought a car that was stick-shift. Neither of his parents knew how to drive stick, so he taught himself through YouTube tutorials. And it worked! The worst part about driving stick is getting into first gear and making sure the car doesn’t die because otherwise you have to start all over again. I was very impressed, given that I didn’t really learn how to drive stick until last year.

I used to use YouTube as a college student to help me in my biology class and my husband used it for all of his calculus exams. I’ve done a couple of makeup tutorials and those have definitely made a difference, too.

What’s more, I read this inspiring story about a former NFL player, Jason Brown, who bought a farm and ALSO used YouTube tutorials (as well as advice from local farmers) to grow a substantial farm and donate the crops to local food shelters and other food organizations for the hungry.

I’m a complete amateur at snowboarding – I went for the first time 3 years ago a couple weeks after I got married and it was terrifying and I cried a lot but I did it and even liked it. My very generous in-laws got me a snowboard for Christmas the next year and I’ve only gone snowboarding a handful of times since then.

Last year I started looking at this YouTube channel Snowboard Pro Camp to get a better handle on how to do things, since you can only fall down a mountain so many times before you get a concussion. The tips have helped, although it’s harder to apply in reality.

I’ve watched videos from one channel titled “Charisma On Command” to learn how to better interact with people – I have a notorious RBF and a low, flat voice that can sound condescending if I’m not careful. And it’s actually worked for me – I could go on all day about all the things I’ve learned from YouTube.

The thing is, I’m just fascinated by YouTube tutorials and their power – they have far-reaching effects in the most positive way and I don’t think that anyone who ever created a YouTube video on how to grow cucumbers thought that their videos would inspire a football player to grow his own crops and donate them to feed the hungry.

Have you ever done a YouTube tutorial for anything? What is the best tutorial you have ever used?

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