It’s the most awkward time of the year

This time of year is about as awkward as walking down the street and seeing someone you know 200 feet away, but because you aren’t quite friends, you just look around until you’re 10 feet from them, smile at them and say “Hi!” and then walk away, hoping you never see them again. And then you run into them 5 minutes later. (This has happened to me while on my daily walks at work. Multiple times.)

The weather doesn’t know what it wants in life. It can’t commit. Sometimes it snows and you think, “Okay, winter’s here.” But then it warms up and melts and you’re thinking that you have at least another week of fall. But then the icy wind comes and you’re stuck inside but it looks okay outside and you’ve got mad cabin fever. It’s like the person you dated for a month, were “official” with for 3 days, and then they broke up with you in the most vague way possible that you thought you were still together for at least 2 more months. (This has also happened to me, as well as Ann from Parks and Rec.)

Which is why I have spent most of my day inside. Because the weather didn’t know what it wanted. Not because I forgot to make plans for the weekend. It’s the weather, not me. I’m the victim here.

In the meantime, please enjoy this beautiful picture of Utah scenery in its late fall glory, the lovely turd-brown that glazes everything.

You stay classy, Utah

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