Amateur Kickboxing

Here’s another new thing I’m trying: kickboxing!

This is what I look like now

I found a pretty sweet deal on Groupon to take 10 classes for $50. Five bucks a class? Don’t mind if I do!

I also conned persuaded my friend to join me (the same friend who did paragliding with me) and now we go to sweat and be out of shape together. We’ve done 3 classes so far and I am more confident than ever that should the occasion arise to ever defend myself, I will get completely thrashed. I am amazed at people who can kick higher than their waist.

I’d say my kicking looks more like this:

elaine dancing
Elaine understands me

But I like it. I get free gloves, I get to pummel all my rage into an actual punching bag, and as always, I get grossly sweaty.

It’s a lot of fun, but since kickboxing is so outrageously expensive, I will likely not continue it once I’ve hit my class limit. But in the meantime, I will work on my roundhouse kick more! I already used it to kick the door opener so I could cart in a giant tree for our Halloween decorations at work.

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