What we do in the shadows

I don’t do horror movies. Back when I was 14, I watched The Ring for the first time and couldn’t sleep for a week. Hearing people talk about the plot of Hostel disturbed me enough to give me nightmares. I read the plot of Get Out and ended up having very vivid dreams about it.

So, yeah. I don’t do horror movies.

What I do do (doo-doo), however, is anything funny. And in the spirit of the season, I highly recommend What We Do in the Shadows, which is a mockumentary about vampires in New Zealand.

Go watch the trailer here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=IAZEWtyhpes

You can find it on Amazon if you have Amazon Prime. If you’re trying to kill time before Stranger Things season two comes out (I know I have been), DEFINITELY give this one a go.

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