run-on sentences on running

So last summer Austin and I lived in Germany because he had an internship and I had time to kill and I wanted to get into running so after a few horrible attempts at running up a hill, Austin gave me the no-duh advice to “just run slower” and I started getting pretty good at running to the point where by the end of the summer I had completed 2 different 15-miler runs and I wanted to give marathons a shot.

So a few months ago back in May I ran Ogden’s marathon and I completed it in 5 hours and 5 minutes and honestly it was a lot of fun because I stuck with a very happy, motivational pacer named Star who honestly was my own ray of sunshine that I stuck with until mile 21 when nature called but I told myself in that porta potty that I would FINISH this race, I would DO SO WELL, and by golly I did.

I’m the mouth-breather on the left

But even though it was actually more enjoyable than the picture might indicate, it burned me out from running and I didn’t do much distance running again until I ran the American Fork Half Marathon with my sister and that wasn’t too bad but then my knee was KILLING ME at the end and my sister wanted to sprint to the end and I just wanted to…not sprint to the end so she finished about a minute ahead of me.

Freedom! Horrible, horrible freedom!

And now my sister and I are going to be running a marathon in October and the most I’ve run since that marathon is…7 miles.

I’m slightly concerned.

That marathon is in less than a month. I…I need to get at LEAST 15 miles out so I know I’m good.

Anyway. Stay tuned for the carnage.

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