writing funny

Sometimes writing is running downhill, your fingers jerking behind you on the keyboard, the way your legs do when they can’t keep up with gravity. Cath fell and fell, leaving a trail of messy words and bad similes behind her. – Fangirl

I’m trying to think of things to read so I become a better writer. I need to break up with Audible but sometimes I convince myself that it’s okay to stay in a relationship with Audible even though Audible’s like that clingy boyfriend with the velvet voice who steals $15 out of your pocket each month. But…words! And books! Stories!

But not really. Listening to books sometimes is hard because if you hear a really good sentence you have to rewind and listen to it again and write it down and figure out why it was good and it’s just too exhausting.

But other times it’s great. Someone is saying wonderful things in your ear and since I can’t hang out with Austin all day I content myself with audiobooks instead.

I checked out the book Spook by Mary Roach who wrote “My Planet” for the Reader’s Digest. If I had one strange, obscure dream, it would be to get my writing published in RD.

I haven’t read it yet. I think it’ll be funny but also interesting.

Am I funny but also…?

I used to try so hard to be funny before Austin. Now it’s less big.

I used to be mean funny. Mean funny is the worst. People laugh because they’re afraid of you. Only later you discover that you hurt someone’s feelings at worst and at best you just turned off a personality to your own.

Perhaps I should figure out what kind of writer I want to be. I’m a journalist right now and there are styles that I have to consistently improve on, always. But do I ever want to write fiction? As of right now, I dislike writing it.

But what else to write? Comedy? Poetry? Haiku? Creative non-fiction? Made-up stories? My own life experiences?

I don’t know. Always.

In other news, I finished Fangirl. Honestly, I really like that book. It’s an accurate portrayal of what it’s like to love fanfiction and be obsessed with a “ship” and how you feel so embarrassed because people think  you’re such a weirdo for digging that but oh…that was such a delightful book.

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