Noelle Stevenson to Quentin Blake

In my stalkage of Noelle Stevenson’s artwork and her inspirations, I found out she’s inspired by Quentin Blake, who illustrated Roald Dahl’s books.

His art is so fascinating. Messy – but he actually uses less lines than you would think. So ugly. He highlights the most unflattering parts of people. But so charming. Like Roald Dahl’s work, it’s disturbing in some areas but overall endearing.

I don’t have words right now. Not like “words cannot express” but like WORDS HAVE LITERALLY RAN AWAY FROM ME AS SOON AS THEY SAW ME APPROACHING AND NOW I CANNOT WRITE.


This is me. I think I have too many fingers but Quentin Blake makes it so easy to draw them. There are elements of his style that I really like, like the way it all looks so effortless and somewhat sketchy but still delightful.

What is the thinking behind his style? What can I get from it?

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