I’ve been drawing more.

In the spirit of Austin Kleon’s book Steal Like an Artist and generally looking over his thoughts on style = death from Tibor Kalman, I’ve taken it to heart as far as art (that rhymes!) goes. So right now I’m studying Noelle Stevenson’s style and will be looking to who inspired her and so on and so forth.

I’m starting to realize the different productive parts of my day: I’m most productive with writing in the morning and the afternoon. Afternoons are great in the newsroom because most people have left and it’s pretty dead in there and I just get to writing. I also just think better.

I absolutely CAN’T write at home. I don’t know what it is, but as soon as I’m off campus and in a hot car and come home, productivity somehow has been left on the floor somewhere (probably in a lab) and my brain is completely and totally fart-dead.

So I’ve taken to drawing instead. I can doodle. Noelle Stevenson’s art is great because it looks so doodle-worthy and you just want to imitate every simplistic piece of art that she’s created. I love the personality that she has managed to project onto the characters and the almost bouncy feel that I get from just looking at it.


I found out that she’s drawn comics for Adventure Time, which makes sense because her simplistic style really matches theirs. I’m trying to capture the thinking behind it: why the loopy arms? Why the pupil-less eyes? Why the lines under the eyes that seem to convey tiredness/age? The tiny feet and the way everything tapers into tiny tiny points gives the “bouncy” feeling I originally got – is that what she’s going for? So unusual.

Eowyn slaying the Witch King (and Merry helping) - Broship style, in honor of National Hobbit Day! Oof, it’s been too long since I’ve drawn these guys.

But I just just LOVE IT.

Especially her “Broship of the Ring” stuff, it’s pure genius.

Here’s my own attempt at imitating her style:

Liesl in her unnatural habitat, holding a pipette in the DNA sequencing center
Liesl in her unnatural habitat, holding a pipette in the DNA sequencing center

Although her art for Fangirl is what really got me started. That book is so addictive, I couldn’t stop listening to it. I decided I needed to draw while listening because I needed something to do with my hands. And what better to draw than Noelle Stevenson’s stuff?

The only problem is trying to figure out how to take my writing and do the same thing as far as style. I do really well with not worrying about style with drawing because it’ll never be a career for me and I’m perfectly happy with that. Pressuring myself to draw never made me happy and so I only draw when I want to. It’s all right; I’m a pure hobbyist and I’ll make my living with my comms degree.

But I still want to write well. I just…reading takes so long. But Audible and I need to break up. So I’ll start listening to audiobooks on youtube, the only thing I have to figure out is how to read them like a writer and less like a reader.

I wonder whose art I’ll look into after I’m done with Noelle’s and her influences?

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